Newcomer's Guide

New to the Lille Area?

The resources below will help you answer your multiple questions or legitimate worries.

France A – Z, Guide for U.S. Citizens Residing in France
Guide from the Embassy of the United States in France compiling information and assistance material concerning administrative and personal matters for Americans living overseas.

Etrangers en France. L’Etat à votre service dans le Nord
Links to French forms and documents (in French!) from the Préfecture du Nord necessary to foreigners living in the Departement du Nord (59).

The AIT Guidebook
Guide in English put together by Americans in Toulouse (AIT) whose purpose is to “provide useful information about France and the French way of life to English-speaking visitors and soon-to-be residents of the Toulouse area.” If some specifics are not be relevant to Americans living outside the Toulouse area, most sections may be of interest to Expats residing anywhere in France. If you feel blue, surprised, upset, exaggerately enthousiastic, that is all part of the process of integrating a new culture, this guide will show you are not alone!

If the resources on this web site don’t answer your questions or worries, we invite you to contact someone on the Leadership Team directly. Through our network, we can refer you to qualified professionals, educational services or any other assistance you might require.